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    About Cars For Stars

    Cars for Stars Limited was originally formed to offer limousine hire to the 340,000 inhabitants of Northamptonshire and although we have expanded significantly since then, we continue to provide a first class limousine hire and chauffeur car service in this area. In late 2002, we decided to embrace the internet as part of our marketing mix, because this allowed us to say more about what we do, who we are and how we operate, in addition, we considered it to be a perfect way of showcasing our cars. Why not look at our Limousine Gallery?

    Within a very short time we were inundated with so many enquiries both in and outside our normal operating area that we knew we had to look again at our business. Initially we passed many of these enquiries to other limousine operators, but after we received one or two complaints about poor service, we decided to look at how we could address the demand.

    Initially we looked at opening offices in key locations around the UK. However, when we looked at this in more detail we were concerned that this meant we would be too remote from our customers. Of equal concern was the fact that local service quality would be the responsibility of an individual without a vested interest in the business. Having built our own business on service, delivery and integrity, we did not want to embark on any journey which would dilute our own hard work. Our conclusion was the best people to operate a limousine hire business were those that had an investment in the business.

    Having excluded this option, we were drawn to a model where individuals could invest and manage their own business based on what had become our own successful formula. We recognised that the Cars for Stars brand stood for honesty and integrity and we decided to develop a plan that would allow others to replicate what we had built and share in our success. We had decided to introduce a programme whereby business minded individuals could operate as a Licensee under the Cars for Stars brand. This model was similar to franchising, but distinct, in that it extracted the best practices of operating to a tried and tested system, without imposing too many control on the local business. In other that our Licensees were required to adopt very high standards in terms of service, reliability, honesty and integrity, but they were free to develop their business based on their local knowledge. For example, whilst all Cars for Stars operate using the same operations manual and pricing guide, local Licensees are free to decide on local promotions, special offers and marketing initiatives.

    A key objective of our business plan was to place the emphasis on appointing the right individuals rather than attempting to expand the network at an unsustainable rate. We have and continue to remain true to our original objective of placing quality before quantity by approving only the best Licensees.

    Our network continues to expand, with many key locations covered, in addition we have also introduced chauffeur driven cars which are available under the Cars for Stars umbrella and through our local Licensees. We have had the privilege of handling the special occasions of literally thousands of customers, we have provided transport to the stars, supplied event transportation and business travel solutions to UK businesses and taken more than our fair share of brides to the church. Above all, Cars for Stars has remained true to its values, our quality and reliability was recently recognised by our peers when Cars for Stars was runner up in the 2005 award for Best Limousine Operator, a testament to the service commitment of our entire network.

    If you have not used Cars for Stars Ltd before, you will be in for a very pleasant surprise, we are responsive and we are committed. We recognise that part of our success is attributable to the quality of the vehicles that we are offer, this can be demonstrated by our commitment to continually invest in our fleet, in terms of size and year. In fact the Cars for Stars network has some of the latest model limousine available anywhere in the UK.

    If you are looking to hire a limousine or chauffeur driven cars then give us a try on 0845 500 3030.

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