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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Detailed below are a selection of the most commonly asked questions relating to the hire of a chauffeur driven car or stretched limousines and also some specific questions and answers relating to the Ford Lincoln 120" stretched limousine most commonly used on our fleet. If you question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

    Frequently Asked Questions (General)

    How many passengers can you carry in a limousine?

    Whilst some of our limousines can carry up to 14 people, the maximum number permitted by law is 8 plus the driver.

    Do you have a lower rate for quieter periods?

    Yes. Generally speaking, it is possible to receive a favourable hire rate Monday through to Thursday for the stretched limousines. People carriers and chauffeur driven cars benefit from a lower rate at weekends.

    What type of insurance do you have?

    Even though we do not run a taxi service, our vehicles have to be insured for hire and reward. Our policies include cover for the vehicle, driver, passengers and public liability, through a specialist insurer for the limousine hire and chauffeur car market.

    What sort of experience do your chauffeurs have?

    We do not employ any chauffeurs below the age of 30 and they must have at least 10 years driving experience. A good aptitude and attitude are prized assets and we look for this with our chauffeurs.

    What is a typical hire?

    There isn't one. We pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating, so we don't believe that there is, or should be a typical hire. We have had some unusual one's but those are between us and our clients.

    Are your stretched limousines late models?

    Yes, all of our stretched limousines are the so called 'millennium' models. There was a substantial change in styling in 1998, when the Ford Lincoln stretched limousines were given a smoother, more modern shape, there have also been a number of cosmetic changes since.

    Surely older cars could be hired our cheaper?

    Possibly but with many of these cars having covered as many as 250k miles, we cannot be certain of the reliability. In addition, when vehicles have covered this sort of mileage, even if the mechanics are fine, the bodywork and interior is not likely to be in a condition that our clientele would find acceptable. Equally, even if you have saved a few pounds, if you don't experience the 'wow factor' you would probably feel a little cheated. We would rather pay more for the right cars!

    Do you do airport runs?

    Yes, to all of the major airports.

    Do you sell alcohol?

    No, in order to sell alcohol we would need to have a liquor license. Depending on the length of hire however, we do provide complimentary wine, champagne or drinks.

    What is your smoking policy?

    In common with most limousine hire companies we do not allow smoking in any of our vehicles. No exceptions.

    What is your minimum hire?

    Generally we will not hire a vehicle for less than 3 hours.

    Why do you have a minimum hire period/charge?

    Every vehicle has to be prepared before it is sent on hire. They are cleaned, vacuumed, polished and in the case of limousines, dressed. This process can take up to 3 hours, therefore it is impracticable to hire for shorter periods or to operate without a minimum charge.

    Why do you require a deposit against accidental damage?

    Fortunately most of our passengers treat our vehicles with respect and appreciate that the vehicles are often worth in excess of �50,000, but this is not always the case. Therefore we impose a minimum deposit of �150 including VAT on all hires which is reimbursed once the vehicle has returned to base and been inspected, provided there is no apparent damage.

    What type of in car entertainment do your vehicles have?

    It very much depends on the vehicle hired, but as a minimum all our vehicles come equipped with a radio/cassette/CD player for the use of our passengers. In addition, our stretched limousines will at the very least have a TV and DVD player in addition to the sound system.

    Do you supply the music CD's and DVD's?

    Yes, but we accept that not everyone's taste is the same, so our clients are welcome to supply their own. Our DVD's are region 2 compliant.

    What other facilities do your vehicles have?

    All of our vehicles are equipped with a mobile phone, albeit most are installed in the front with the driver. Our passengers are welcome to use the phones subject to a separate charge. In addition, some of our vehicles are equipped with mobile date facilities and/or a car fax. We also include an electric cooler box for the use of our passengers.

    What is a 'Bridal Door'?

    White stretched limousines are often described as 'wedding cars'. However, the reality is that the rear doors can be fairly restrictive if exiting in a full wedding dress. A bridal door is an additional door that is much wider and allows for a dignified exit. We will always have a white stretched limousine on our fleet with the additional bridal door, please be sure to ask.

    How far ahead shall we book?

    The general rule is as early as possible. For annual events such as Ascot the cars are often booked 12 months ahead. Weddings for the most popular days such as Saturdays should be booked 6 months ahead to avoid disappointment in terms of your choice of car. The later you leave a booking the more likely that the date may not be available.

    Would you require a deposit at the time of the booking?

    Yes. We require a deposit of at least 25% for secured bookings.

    Why are weddings booked on a Saturday afternoons more expensive?

    Because it takes up to 3 hours to prepare our vehicles before they go out on hire, an afternoon wedding car hire generally means that we will not be able to secure an evening booking, therefore a premium is charged. Equally, it is possible to retain the car of required for a extended period at a preferential rate.

    How many collection and return points do you allow?

    We try not to be too restrictive on this point. However, we believe 3 should be the maximum to ensure that all of the passengers enjoy the hire, this also ensures that waiting time is kept to a minimum and remember, the clock is ticking.

    When does the charging start?

    Unless advised otherwise, the charging will start from our offices and the vehicle will be off-hire when it returns. Our price will always include this assumption. Where hires are extended or run over the allotted time, we will always make an additional charge will be made.

    Are your vehicles sign written?

    Our stretched limousines have a discreet sign on the rear bumper, currently we do not use any signage on our chauffeur driven cars or people carriers.

    Frequently Asked Questions (About the stretched limousines)

    How long are your stretched limousines?

    We use the Ford Lincoln stretched limousine which is a 120" stretch. The total length of the car is around 30ft.

    How much do the cars cost?

    They vary, but as a general guide a modern low mileage stretched limousine will cost in the region of �56k including VAT and a new one around �70k inclusive.

    Are they difficult to drive?

    Not really as long as we take our time. The length can be challenging on smaller roads and this can lead to some restrictions, in addition, the Ford Lincoln Town car in its original guise has a very poor turning circle, consequently it is not improved when the vehicle is stretched by 6ft.

    What is the MPG?

    On a longer journey with a fair proportion of motorway driving the 'miles per gallon' will average around 18, in town and cities this will reduce to 10 or 11 MPG. Just idling the car will use around 2 gallons of petrol every 3 hours.

    When was the new shape introduced?

    The major face-lift to a more rounded, smoother shape was introduced in 1998, with a number of cosmetic changes since that date.

    How often should the cars be serviced?

    The recommended service interval is every 3000 miles, though very few limousine hire companies adhere to this rule

    How long does it take to clean the car?

    3 Hours, including dressing the vehicles.

    How big is the engine?

    4.6 litre.

    How fast does the car go?

    Our priority is always the comfort and safety of our passengers, so we honestly can't answer the question.

    How many miles does an average limousine cover in its useful life?

    Its not unusual to see cars in the USA that have covered 300k miles but these are mainly highway miles to there is much less strain on the components. However the interior and exterior tends to look weathered.

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