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    Cars for Stars Limited are always seeking experienced Chauffeur's on a full time and part time basis. Based in London, Cars for Stars provide chauffeur driven cars and limousines within most UK cities. We are particularly interested in PCO licensed drivers/chauffeurs living within the London area. PCO licensed drivers should express their interest using this quick (2 minute) online form.

    Are you an experienced chauffeur?

    We are not looking for experienced drivers, we are seeking individuals that have demonstrable experience in the position of a chauffeur driving executive cars and/or stretched limousines. Preference will be given to individuals that can prove they have experience of driving stretched limousines.

    Do you have a clean licence?

    Our customers want to feel safe and our excellent reputation rests on the quality of our chauffeurs, other than in exceptional circumstances, we only accept applications from chauffeurs with a clean licence. If you do not have a clean licence and you would still like to apply, please make sure you outline the circumstances giving rise to the motoring prosecution.

    Do you believe in service?

    Our customers expect the best and are entitled to receive it. Can you embrace a genuine culture of putting the customer first, of being adaptable and flexible? And above all, can you deliver this service with a genuine smile?

    Are you looking for a job or do you enjoy driving and delivering a sincere service?

    If you are not happy in your work, then our customers will notice, if you think a uniformed chauffeur is just another job, then don't come to us. We consider it a vocation, when our clients entrust us with their travel arrangements we take it seriously and we expect that from our team and specifically from our chauffeurs.

    Is there any reason you can't work unsocial hours?

    Lets face it, a chauffeurs job in not 9-5, so at the risk of being obvious, are you willing to work unsocial hours, evenings, nights, weekends or public holidays. If you can't then it is unlikely this job is for you.

    Are you prepared to work flexible hours?

    It is not possible for our chauffeurs to complete a 'standard working day', therefore, we would require that our full time chauffeurs work a minimum of 42.5 hours per week. After that, we would pay a higher hourly rate if the chauffeur wants to work longer (up to a maximum to ensure that you are kept fresh). Are you willing to be flexible as to how and when those hours are worked. If no, please don't apply.

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