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    The Lamborghini Aventador Stretch Limo

    Cars for Stars is proud to announce the astonishing Aventador Limo! Combining the sleek and legendary styling of the Aventador, Cars for Stars have re-imagined this beauty into another dimension! The pioneering conceptual design has been released in the form of a state-of-the-art, rendered video which shows every aspect of the brand new model from all angles and perspectives. After being kept under wraps for months, the world�s first stretch Lamborghini has now finally been revealed to the public, who can take a glimpse at this pioneering advancement in the world of luxury cars.

    The Lamborghini limo, also known as the 'Lambo', is a stretch version of Lamborghini�s Aventador model. The awe-inspiring conceptual limo re-imagines all the sophisticated sleekness of the Aventador into a luxurious stretch limousine. The Aventador gets its name from a raging bull � due to its fearless and intensely fierce bodywork. It Lambo truly defines the very spirit of creative and futuristic car design.

    The new stretch Lamborghini remains loyal to the original iconic Aventador design by keeping all its defining features, such as the upwards-opening scissor doors, which contribute to the vehicle�s sleek, stream-lined finish. The Lambo will host four scissor doors and incorporate a relaxing lunge seating area, ideal for a chilled-out travel experience. The Lamborghini Aventador limo will boast every extravagance from plush leather interiors emblazoned with the Cars For Stars logo, heated seats, plasma screens, iPod docks, surround sound, champagne bars and plenty more. The stretch Lambo will greatly enhance the stretch limo experience into an explosion of style and glamour, making the Lamborghini Aventador limousine unlike any other existing limo.

    So, prepare yourself to experience something that is sure to blow your mind by being one of the first to sample the visual delight of the world�s first stretch Lamborghini Aventador by watching the video below.

    Stretch Lamborghini Sports Car Limo Lambo Limo Cars for Stars Limo Lamborghini Aventador

    The company behind the world�s first Lamborghini limo, Cars For Stars, was founded over a decade ago, and continues to pave the way in the UK�s luxury car hire industry. It offers nationwide high-end, luxury car hire, chauffeur-driven cars and wedding car rental for any occasion, at the best prices, throughout the whole of Britain.

    One of the world�s most sought-after 690bhp hypercars being transformed into a state-of-the-art luxury limousine is nothing less than a triumph of innovative automobile design. It only takes one view of the conceptual video to know that the first stretch Lambo blueprint, in its fiery orange colour scheme, is set to create substantial hype in the world of luxury motoring.

    Although this stunning model remains merely a concept at the moment, it could easily materialise into a reality with the support and investment of a willing and passionate sponsor. The sponsor will get extremely rewarding benefits from investing in the Lambo; Cars For Stars are willing to rename the car after the respective company as well as providing them with 12 months of free advertising.

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